Reinforce your Business Strategy with an effective HR Strategy
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Consulting (mid-size) organizations on the overall HR strategy, including change management, culture, organizational structures and processes for talent development, leadership development and succession planning to reinforce the Business Strategy.

Tineke is a highly passionate person who brings energy/inspiration in any team/room she enters. In a very rational/analytical environment (e.g. knowledge workers, research) Tineke has been able with her passion, open mind, energy and drive to lead many interventions in adding the interpersonal/emotional dimension to the equation. One of her key characteristics is to get an emotional connect with individuals and teams to ensure both heart and mind are the driving forces to make change happen. Starting with the leadership team and going down to the ‘work-floor’ various initiatives have helped to create a different culture and leadership which was needed to make some real changes.

Paul Fleuren, SVP, HRO Group Strategy and Innovation, Philips 

Tineke stands out from all HR Business Partners I worked with during my professional career in Philips. She has the ability to understand HR and organizational aspects of complex organizations in a very short time and build trusted relations with both the management and the employees. And above all she has a very pleasant personality, I always enjoyed working with her. Tineke has the rare ability that she is both strong operationally and strategically. She also takes up tasks and responsibilities which go beyond what is expected of her. Many HR professionals are called business partners but in reality only have a supporting role. Tineke is not like that. Although she was in Eindhoven and I was based in Shanghai, I always experienced her as a partner. I often had to deal with HR challenges in my organization. Together we were always able to resolve for both the benefit of Philips and the individual employees. In a short period of time we were able to build a strong and well respected Research Laboratory employees liked to work in.

Frans J.A.M. Greidanus, Hengyi Chair Professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Former Head of Research and CTO Asia for Philips 

Tineke and I worked together at Hay Group, both as management consultants. I perceived Tineke as a very talented and inspiring collegue. There are several reasons for that. First of all Tineke has very strong analytical skills. She knows how to handle complex situations or issues and brings them down to workable parts and structures. Next to this, she is solution-oriented. She has an optimistic approach and always finds a good way, no matter how complex or difficult a situation might seem. Tineke also has very strong communication skills. She is a team player and truly interested in others. She has a way of communicating and cooperating that strongly motivates and stimulates other people. Last but not least, Tineke is a hard-working, sympathetic, cheerful and positive woman, what makes it a great pleasure to be in her circle. In summary, Tineke is someone who really makes a difference. It is a true privilege to work with her.

Renate Kamp, ZET Interim & Advies, Interim Manager & Organisatieadviseur, previously Senior Consultant Hay Group
Other examples of my work in this area include:
  • Creation and implementation of a new Research organization, inducing business acumen by introducing clearer account management responsibilities and improved account management skills
  • Organization wide culture change initiative, leading to emotional buy- in for new desired culture and actionable behavioral change map for each team to get there.
  • Implementation of global HR processes for a new internal and to be outsourced IT organization, special focus on talent management and recognition, leading to retention of key people.

Design, implementation & facilitation of
Organization & Leadership Development programs

During her tenure at Novartis in Switzerland Tineke landed in a complex, global x-divisional OD & Leadership development project that was reasonably well defined in content but it had lackluster internal stakeholder support at a time when the Novartis divisions were operating largely independent. She essentially achieved three main objectives: the quality of the content was significantly improved, during a short stint she was able to build the necessary stakeholder management support that was necessary to progress this and she “hardwired” it into the operating fabric of a complex organizational setup. And this exemplifies Tineke; she knows how good looks in HR and she delivers high quality against tough objectives. With her infectious enthusiasm and abundant energy, she easily wins even the strongest opponents over and she comfortably builds bridges between diverging opinions. When I had Tineke in my team, others kept saying how lucky I was to have her!

Ruud Rikhof, Managing Partner KennedyFitch, previously Global HR roles at Novartis in IT, Opthalmology and Research 

We worked together in building up Japanese change initiatives. Together we created an approach in which we conducted a leadership program for the Japanese management team, and translated this to a training program in which we developed 25 Japanese employees to become facilitators, bringing the leadership program to all teams in Japan. This led to improved interaction with other Philips locations and key customers, enabling increased performance of several teams across the Japanese organization and significant simplifications of key processes. Tineke has great leverage and energy to get things started and delivered. Once she finds a meaning and makes up her mind on what to do, she never compromises and carries out. At the same time she is good in creating fun at the task and made it an enjoyable journey for all of us.

Masato Mizukami, Senior Director, Human Resources, Philips Japan
Support and mentor HR
managers on HR Strategy,
Agenda & Organization

As HR Director of Philips Research Tineke was leading our team. Tineke is a passionate and very knowledgeable person. Her mentoring helped me to set the HR Agenda and support the Division and Department Heads within my area of HR responsibility. She gave me the opportunity to really grow as HR Manager, and as part of the HR team to bring people within the organization together and have real impact.

Erik Walschots, Project Manager Organization Design, Philips