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The combination of a true interest in people, vision and pragmatic business sense distinguishes Tineke from other HR professionals, facilitators and coaches. Tineke facilitated our team to make explicit which cultural and behavioral changes we need to go through in order to be successful in achieving breakthrough business growth. Thanks to Tineke we know what to do in this field and how to make it actionable.

Beate Walles, Marketing Director, LEDs Horticulture, Philips 

Tineke is a source of energy & inspiration to everyone around her. She brings a sparkle into each and every conversation. Through her contagious enthusiasm Tineke inspires colleagues & teams, whilst being able to create a level of intimacy in leadership groups to be truly reflective and reach deeper sources for problem solving.

Wouter van Hunnik, HR Business Partner, Philips 

Tineke was one of the best internal facilitators at Philips. I trust she will do very well in setting up her own practice. She brings a lot of energy, dedication, clarity and warmth to the teams and organisations she works with. She has the courage to challenge business leaders, while doing this in a respectful way. Tineke quickly understands the key business and team/organization issues and is able to facilitate teams towards a higher performance and more effective and joyful interaction.

Roland Slot, founder and partner at Aberkyn
Coaching senior staff
or line executives to
embed new perspectives and behaviors in
challenging situations

I learned to know Tineke as a very professional, analytical coach. What is certainly special is that she combines these analytical skills with a warm, empathic personality. It is easy to have open and personal conversations. My personal coaching sessions with Tineke helped me to accomplish further personal growth. I can tell that after a professional career of 32 years that is still possible!

Wim Crooijmans, Account and Theme Manager Healthcare Research, Philips 

Because of Tineke’s excellent coaching skills and the way she built confidence, I felt encouraged to step out of my comfort zone to learn and grow. This turned out to be an irreversible process, that had a huge impact on how I perceive my work and on how I take ownership. In the past I felt more like a victim, things happened to me, piles of work on my desk were dictating me…now I have a complete other perception, I always have a choice to change things for the better. I really feel I am in the lead again and enjoy my work so much more.

Ann Claessens, Senior HR Manager, Philips 

During an important crossroad in my career, I had a number of coaching sessions with Tineke that have helped me greatly. Through her sound analysis and excellent feed-back, I realized that I had to make a next step. Searching for intrinsic motivation and stepping out of my comfort zone were crucial elements, which enabled me to achieve personal growth.

Bas Scholten, Project and Process Manager Mobility, APPM Management Consultants